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Tito's Villa or Aleksandar Pavlović's Villa is the only building in the center of Zlatibor that the Institute for the Protection of Monuments in Kraljevo declared a cultural asset.
The first unofficial name - "Malgre Andree" ("Despite Andre") - the villa received immediately before the completion of construction.

It is behind this name that there is a story about the wife of the owner of the villa, Aleksandar Pavlović, Mrs. Andre. Mrs. Andre, of French origin, opposed her husband's intention and the construction of a villa on "remote and wild Zlatibor". However, Mr Pavlovic was determined to make his vision a reality. Soon, the villa "Malgre Andree" gets its place on the golden mountain. The years that followed, unfortunately, confirmed Ms. Andre's suspicions. After the Second World War, in the changed socio-political system, the villa was expropriated and has continuously changed owners since then.

The building received the name "Tito's villa" after the visit of Josip Broz Tito in 1974. As the mansion of the Presidency of the Government of the SFRY, it became a protected cultural asset, and then became the property of RTS. Today, it has been renovated and preserved in its original form, and with its new purpose, as a museum-restaurant, it continues to preserve history and offers all its visitors the opportunity to peek into a part of its past. The specificity of this restaurant is reflected in the "reconstruction" of specialties that were served to Josip Broz Tito and his guests on various occasions.

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